Thanks for joining me!

Today I take the first step into the next chapter in my life.  But really, it’s more like the next episode and the closing credits are still rolling in the little box in the bottom of the screen while the show theme song starts at center for the next episode.  I’m not even sure what season I am on…

What to expect? Hopefully a bit of motivation and inspiration from a woman who is making this shit up as she go along. There isn’t one step or milestone in my life that I ever knew or expected myself to be in. When I was a teenager I never thought I would get married. When I got married I never thought I would have kids. When I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up I never thought I would be working where I do. I DID expect to do what was expected of me and follow perceptions.

But I think today I’m gonna put a little planning into my next milestone. I’m going to take some time to figure out what I want regardless of if it is expected of me.  *GASP* you get to follow along while I figure it out…one day at a time and one step at a time.

In order to kick-ass you must first lift your foot. – Jen Sincero



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