Lapus Lapus Purple

Lapus Lapus! Latin for Rabbit Rabbit.

Unless you were a student of Mr. Burns’ Latin class at West Middle School 01810 you probably have never heard the Latin saying.  It is one of my all time favorites and I think I have been saying it since I heard it.

As the lore goes…if on the first of the month the first thing you say is Lapus Lapus you will have good luck all month long. You will be extra lucky, if when you first get up from bed you step down with your left foot and hop counter-clockwise while saying “Lapus Lapus.” I’m inclined to think that Caesar did NOT hop on his left foot counter-clockwise on the first of March…

Now here comes the question- are we brought to where we are because of fate, luck, or free will?  I’d like to think it’s a bit of all three.

Fate: I truly believe that fate brought me and my husband together. I dreamt about the guy I would fall in love with in middle school and I met him in college.  When I think back and apply “What if?” to my life choices I still run into instances that would have put us together. Meeting him was a matter of timing, not if.

Luck: I am lucky. I’m lucky for winning that  Get-in-Shape Girl set in 1986. I am lucky for that time when I was speeding on 93 North and the trooper pulled me over, but then didn’t give me ticket #chickinatruck. I am lucky to have two adorable boys- thank goodness, because they can really annoy the shit out of me. You get the point; luck are the random chance things in our lives that we really have no control over. Luck happens to everyone, it is how you categorize it that is important.

Free Will: I choose to say “Lapus Lapus” every first of the month. But I also choose to believe that it will bring me luck. You can have the choice to categorize luck as good or bad; so choose to make it good luck!

I accepted a blind date with my husband because of bad luck with guys. Turned out it was fate’s way or redirecting my path.  And good thing for my free will to ask him out on a second date because he thought he bombed the first date and may never have asked me out again.

So on this September 1, 2018 I wish you Lapus Lapus!

PS- NEVER Lupus Lupus (wolf wolf)! THAT IS BAD LUCK!

Thanks for reading! I enjoyed writing it.

Current Book on my Kindle: Still “Boy Toy”  by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby (haven’t had a ton of time to read)


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