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I have always loved exercise and being active, but I also always struggled with staying motivated.  As a teenager I rode horses competitively and didn’t even consider it exercise and really didn’t understand how fit I was. I fought, and mostly lost, body image issues- but that’s a blog for another day. I burned away my twenties in unhealthy living and still wallowed in self doubt.  When I turned thirty I knew things had to change because that mythical biological clock started ticking and all the sudden I wanted kids. My body because a temple and I worked hard to get it ready to manufacture a child. Well, then the slump hit again, because pregnancy for me was not sunshine, unicorns, fuzzy kittens, and rainbows, for either boy. (Again a blog for another day- hmmm, you should really stay tuned.)

So here I am today, back on the fitness wagon and stronger than ever. Now, I am a long way away from where I want to be, but I am on a clear path.  This has a lot to do with finding a nutrition regiment I like, but is mostly to do with finally finding my fitness community, my fit friends, having a fit family, and taking time for fit dates with The Hubs.

3 years ago I took a free class at the new spin studio in town WheelHouse Indoor Cycling and I struggled through the entire 45 minutes, but it was like no other class I had ever taken.  I embraced the motivating words of the instructor, owner Jenn Quinlan, and signed up for another class.  Since this would be a super long blog if I put every detail in about the last 3 years I’ll leave you with the highlights.

When I first started existing friends were also going so I tended to limit myself to classes only with them (and sat in the back row.)

Christmas Eve class: Year one- The Hubs, Rob, comes with me to take his first spin class and says he will never come again.  Year two- The Hubs comes with me to his second spin class and is addicted. Year three- The Hubs and I are both playing Holiday Hustle WH Bingo and our Christmas Eve class in now a tradition.  Year four- in the planning- we are already lining up babysitters and plan to bring friends.

MARCH MADNESS: Not college basket ball, but 3 weeks of the most spin you will ever do! This is when I really got to know regulars and make friends with not only people on your team, but apposing teams.  The Hubs joined me for year two and let’s just say the competition was HIGH in our house being on different teams.  We are already strategizing and planning for next year.

Of all the years this last one has been the best so far. I have met so many wonderful people just by taking the 5 minutes, waiting for the studio doors to open, chatting with the people I recognize.  Those people are now not just familiar faces, but friends.  They give me encouragement when I need it and challenge me to new things.  Doing a double day is way easier with friends! Squat for 5 minutes- no problem- if your girlfriends are right there with you.

I go now, not just to burn the calories, but to be with my friends. 45 minutes of motivation and strength inside the studio gives me motivation and strength outside the studio. I can’t count the number of times I use WH, motivational sayings in “everyday” life. I can now say that I can be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Work hard. Find your max effort. Exceed it tomorrow. If it was easy then you did it wrong!

Book currently open on my Kindle: “Kiss the Girl” by Tara Sivec (book 3 of The Naughty Princess Club series) SO Good!!!! Start with book 1- “At the Stroke of Midnight” I always loved Cinderella the best, was told to be Belle because of my brown hair, but with this book I think that Ariel is my #spiritanimal


2 thoughts on “Fit Friends, Fit Family, & Fit Dates

    2) All the feels with fit friends, fit fam and fit date!! Took me to get to my mid-thirties to figure all this out!
    3) Can we please meet up in G-Town?!? I miss laughing with you!!


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