To Do

I LOVE To Do lists, but I am also an expert of procrastination.  I don’t know if it because I work best under pressure, but I have a habit of pushing things off to the last minute.  Or I avoid what I don’t want to do by repeatedly deprioritizing it.  One year my New Year’s Resolution was to do my least favorite item on my To Do list first.  That was in the hopes that I would get through those things faster.  It worked for a bit, but I even deprioritized that resolution to the point where I was no longer reminding myself.

I say deprioritizing because that is what it is.  I am no different than anyone else in that if you want something bad enough, or you enjoy the activity, you will make time for it.  The picture above is a true To Do list that I created in 2014. These are seemingly fun activities, but they take a shit-ton of time.  I would love to do them, but the adult part of my brain (it does kick in from time to time) has reminded me that I have other priorities.

For those who don’t know me, here is a brief recap of my responsibilities. Mom of 2 boys, full-time career, treasurer/board member and committee chairman of a non-profit, wife, and a woman who understands the importance of self-care (fitness, me/friend time, etc.) In the past few weeks I have added to that list with my want to write; which also takes time.

I am currently writing my blog and avoiding writing two reports for my non-profit job roles.  My adult brain knows that it will probably only take me 45 minutes, but my child brain wants to do what I want. #damnit #stopsfoot #crossesarmsandpouts

Have you seen that you can now do scrapbooking for planners?! I have! And I am avoiding it like the plague because I would LOVE it! OMG- making my planner pretty- that would be an hour alone and it would somehow become priority #numberone on my To Do list.

  1. Decorate planner
  2. Pick the right sticker for “stop fucking around dipshit and do your work”
  3. Skip item 2 and pick out glitter for planner
  4. Play games on iPad
  5. Revisit item 2…..

Don’t even get me started on the debate between digital or paper To Do lists! I have both! I use OneNote and make paper lists. I lean toward paper lists (and writing in pencil) but then I loose them or I have 3 going for the same project. I proceed to chastise myself and switch back to OneNote, but then I get stuck on what icon to use; highlight (blue, yellow, or green) or check-box, or question, or reminder.  I also have 2 digital calendars (3 counting one I don’t use) and 2 paper calendars. Do I know what day it is when I wake up in the morning? Nope.

*sigh* I shall take 45 minutes to write my reports now.  I hope you enjoyed reading. I enjoyed writing.

Book currently open on my Kindle: Still “Kiss the Girl” by Tara Sivec – I will probably finish it tonight.


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