It’s not pink! It’s coral!

To start, an excerpt from the newest book written by one of my favorite authors.

The Chase (Briar U Book 1)

By: Elle Kennedy

“I thought the one in the salmon shirt was really nice.”

“Pink,” Hollis grumbles at her. “Just fucking say pink, Summer.”

“There are different shades of pink, Mike.”

“Yeah? Name ten.”

“Fine.” Like a pro, she starts listing hues. “Salmon, rose, blush, fuchsia, watermelon, flamingo, cerise, bubble gum, magenta–”

She is on number nine when a blur of red and yellow rushes up to the booth.

I love this excerpt not just because it made me laugh out loud but because I just had this conversation with my 5 year old! Well…without the “fucks” but it was pretty much the same conversation.

In June-ish I got this super cute coral pineapple tank top for Seeley. I got it thinking he would coordinate with me if I wore my pineapple tank top or if Rob wore his coral tank top. I wash, folded, and put it away in Seeley’s shirt drawer.

Maybe a week later I was in my office and Seeley stormed in, smacked the coral tank top on my desk and declared he was “not wearing pink!” #disgusted and stormed back into his room to select a more appropriate blue shark print tank top. As the mature adult that I am I exclaimed, “It’s not pink! It’s coral!” toward the open door to the hallway.

Try as I might to convince him that I knew many men, his father included, who wore “pink” shirts, and they looked quite good I them, I could not convince my 5 year old to wear his new coral pineapple shirt. The shirt has sat on the corner of my desk since that conversation. The tags are off so no returns can be made but I also know the offending coral shirt cannot be put back into the drawer. So what now? Do I hold onto it and see if my second son will wear coral in a few years? Do I try to sell it on the trusty FB Marketplace? Or does it get tossed into the donate pile?

For months the question of the coral pineapple tank top’s fate has been left unanswered. Then I read this excerpt and I think I found the answer…and it goes back to my initial thought that I know many a great men who wear “pink.”

The shirt stays! And in 2 or 3 years I will see if Silas will don the coral pineapple tank top.

Cheers to my “pink” shirt wearing guys. If it’s a polo- pop the collar!

I read The Chase in between blog posts and before Feeling Hot – both by Elle Kennedy

Current book open on my Kindle- Wicked Wedding by Sawyer Bennett (another of my favorite authors!)


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