Seeley James Hallihan- 5th generation

It isn’t often when I make my son wear a particular outfit. We don’t take the boys to formal events and even holiday dinners are casual. I always hated it as a kid and would beg to change from my tights and dress into “play clothes”. On a daily basis Seeley picks his clothes for school, only getting guidelines from me based on the weather.

Lauren Virginia Dalis- 4th generation

When it came time for Seeley to wear the family kilt he was told to wear it. Not asked, not consulted, not even negotiated with, but told that he would be wearing the kilt. As expected this 5 year old was not too happy to be told to put on an itchy outfit that was tight and “funny looking”. But I pulled the Mom Card and when asked ‘why?’ I said “because I said so…” #putsdownfoot

Dorothy Winifred Bruce- 1st generation

And it is itchy and uncomfortable, but what do you expect from a 120 year old outfit? But to Seeley’s credit, there were no tears and no tantrums while he suited up. He felt better when I told him that I also hated the itchy socks when I had to wear it. Then felt even better when I explained that this was a Scottish dress militarily uniform; and that I would be giving him a sword. And then he felt awesome and a true smile bloomed on him face when he looked at himself in the mirror and saw how cool he looked. Well- and I gave him a sword…

While wearing the kilt (and holding the sword) he smiled and posed with pride. He knew it was something special, but he will not realize how truly special it was until he is older. Only then will he realize that he became a part of our family’s history. Only then will he appreciate the significance of being the 5th generation to have worn this very kilt.

Virginia Anne Workman Dalis- 3rd generation

I am happy that my mom told me to wear the kilt and that I told Seeley to wear it. In the scope of world history it is small, but for our family history we have made an indelible mark.

So for the sake of your family’s history sometimes it’s OK to tell your kids to do something!

Book currently open on my Kindle: Dear Jane by Kendall Ryan


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