When we first moved into our new house last year I wanted to change the curtains. The existing ones were left by the old owners and not only were they not my style they reminded me of the horrible experience we had during the closing. (That is a whole other blog post about how I walked into the house the day after closing to find the previous owners belongings still in my home)! #dontgetmestarted

So needless to say, I needed to purge some bad juju and mark my new space as my own. I had been putting up my pictures, but the curtains were still there and still taunting me. Rob, my hubs, said that I was crazy to get new ones because these were fine and new ones would be expensive. He’s not wrong that curtains are expensive, but the word fine is never good when used in a conversation with a woman. Fine is not fine and whatever is fine will never be fine.

Feeling a bit slighted from the previous owners, hey- I never said I couldn’t hold a grudge, and discovering the wonders of Facebook Marketplace I put the old curtains and curtain rods up for sale. Don’t judge me because I didn’t buy them directly…I also didn’t pay chump change for a flipper house.

Fast forward throughout the summer, I sold most of the curtains and most of the curtain rods. One set of curtains I kept and put up new rods and one set of rods I kept and got new curtains for. But everything was purchased second hand.

My favorite success is the change I made in my dining room. Both the old curtains and rods were sold on FBMP and the new ones were purchased on FBMP! My dining room has always held some of my favorite horse pictures and with rustic furniture to drive the decor. To put an equestrian mark on the curtains, I used 4 bits, that were sitting in my tack trunk, as tie backs. And if I even need to use them for a future horse they will be clean and ready to go! Hehehehe

  • 2 curtain rods- $20
  • 4 new curtain panels- $20
  • 4 horse bits- $0 (repurposed what I already owned)

I am beginning to love this room! I put my stamp on it and on a budget. I helped keep unwanted items out of the landfill and didn’t waste resources to purchase new.

Next a new light fixture!

Current book open on my Kindle: The Hero and the Hacktivist by Pippa Grant


2 thoughts on “Making my Mark in my Home one Window Treatment at a Time.

    1. At first I thought of asking Connie if she had an old pair of reins I could use. But that would have required altering them with a skill I lack… so washing bits it was. Your daughter is brilliant!


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