I started a reading challenge! I have never kept track of how many books I read. Whenever asked how much I read, the answer is alway “a lot.” So this is my way of tracking how much I really read. My best guess was that I read 3 books a week so I set my 2019 reading challenge to read 150 books.

I don’t think the 150 books will be a true challenge for me to complete, but to record my thoughts. I don’t usually make highlights or notes. I have no aspirations to be a professional book blogger, but I do want to remember why I did or (maybe more importantly) didn’t like a book. I have ready so many books over the years that I forget which ones and if I liked it! That’s not good. My challenge will be to write down my thoughts and give a book rating as soon as I can after I finish. This might be especially difficult when I finish a book then start a new one in the middle of the night.

I’m a self admitted romance junkie, but I’m learning that I’m not quite the connoisseur that I thought I was. There are so many sub-genres!! I’ll definitely keep reading from my favorites, sports romance and modern royalty, but I’m going to branch out too. Bear shifter romance- say what?!?! I’m guessing I will NOT try an alien romance- but I’ll keep you posted with what my true hard limit is. #winkwink

And go ahead a laugh or judge because I read romance. All I have to say is- don’t knock it until you try it!

Want to follow along and maybe try something new? Follow me on Goodreads at lvdstar

Got a recommendation? Like what I’ve read? Let me know and leave a comment below. Happy Reading!

Nothing is on my Kindle- searching for my next title. 😀


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