So I hate the phrase “New year, new you!” It implies that your previous version was so terrible that you had to scrap it and start from the beginning. Since I don’t want a “new me” I’m going to build on what was great and do an #upgrade.

One of my 2019 upgrades is to meal plan and to make more meatless meals. I typically think of vegetables as a side dish and side dishes make me think of more work. More prep, more dirty dishes, more things cooking at once, more clean up after. Side dishes are for BBQs, parties, and the holidays. I don’t like more work so I never really made vegetables for dinner.

I’m definitely not going vegetarian because I love me a good burger! Mmmmm, beef. But I do need to eat more greens; really all plants. Most diets include lots of vegetables and lots of professional athletes are adopting plant based diets. I’m also sure that if I were to sit down with a nutritionist I would be told to “eat your greens!”

Step 1 to eating more meatless meals- search Pinterest. My first find was for Cheesy Spinach Vegetable Bake from SkinnyMs. It was a hit and will be added into the dinner rotations. But since Pinterest can be a rabbit hole I had to stop when I turned down the Mac & Cheese route and moved onto Step 2.

Step 2- ask your friends for recommendation on Instagram. #score! I got so many recommendations and suggestions for cool books or websites to follow.

Tonight’s dinner is from blogger Gina Homolka’s page Skinny Taste and was posted on her Instagram on 1/20/19. Her Easy Crustless Spinach Pie with Feta truly was delicious!

It was light, but filling at the same time. And it really was easy to make! One prep bowl and one pie pan. I made two alterations to the recipe. First is that I used regular wheat flour instead of white (simply because I picked the first wheat flour I saw at the grocery store.) The second was that I used freeze dried dill and parsley. I never use the whole bunch of fresh before it spoiled and I hate throwing out food. (Probably why I clean my kids plates when they don’t finish, but that’s a whole other blog called “Dessert is not your son’s leftover chicken Tenders”.)

The hubs and I each had a quarter of the pie for dinner and it was just right.

You might be wondering- why all the spinach Popeye? I can easily become anemic so if I’m not going to have meat I need to replace it with iron rich foods.

I’m looking forward to trying the other recipe suggestions I was given! If you have a recipe suggestion please comment below; I would love to check it out.

I just finished book 6 of 150 for my reading challenge. No ifs, Ands, or Bears About It by Celia Kyle. It was ok, but I’m not going to continue with this series. I’m going to go back to my hockey romances before trying another bear shifter. I’m about to start Grinder (Seattle Sharks Book 1) by Samantha Whiskey. I think I’ve already read it, but I’m going to reread the series again.


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