I have really mixed feelings about tracking and posting my calorie burns from working out. I have the same mixed feelings about looking at another’s calorie burn. The numbers only mean something if you understand the baseline. Oh and the baseline is also a sliding scale. Today’s numbers may not mean the same, even for yourself, in six months.

Let’s look at a few calorie burns. The first is mine and we’ll call my body type “fit & fluffy”. The second is my hubby Rob who is a recreational marathoner. The third is from my friend Heather who is athletic & petite. All calorie burns are from a 45 minute spin class.

*this isn’t a scientific or statistical blog so don’t miss the point be getting stuck in the variables that aren’t controlled or reported*

Fit & Fluffy

I thought I was going to throw up this session. I was convinced I was having an off day, but then felt so validated when I looked at my calorie burn! It was nearly 100 more than my “normal” burn.

I posted this screen shot on my IG story. I got a few ‘Wow’s and ‘Great Job’s but I’m also sure it didn’t mean a thing to a bunch of other people. This got me thinking about how “impressive” these numbers were, but were they impactful. And what’s the impact? I knew my numbers wouldn’t be the same as anyone else’s, but how different would they be? So began my (very minor) inquiry.

Next up is Rob’s calorie burn from a spin class with the same instructor. He rarely ever tracks his calorie burns during spin; mainly using his watch to track his runs. (He gets husband brownie points for tracking a class just for me.)

Recreational Marathoner

I guarantee you that even though he burned 222 calories less he didn’t work any less.

Last, but certainly not least, is the calorie burn from my friend Heather. She is a daily runner and all around super mom athlete.

The Petite Athlete

Another shot of an amazing burn! And way different than mine.

I’ll probably keep tracking my numbers, but I know they are not my definition of success. And my numbers are definitely not your definition of success.

Even though my “not a nice person” side doesn’t relate to your numbers I will celebrate them. #kisses If you posted about them, then you are proud about them. One certainty is that comparing yourself to another is a wasted effort and tearing each other down by competing, especially with no way, to win is just stupid.

I am strong today, was strong yesterday, and will be strong tomorrow.


Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it.

Currently reading on my Kindle: Wait With Me by Amy Daws and loving it so far!


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