I’m not the instructor – some days my choreography isn’t on point, I may not be as fast as my neighbor, at times I have to modify, and once in a while I need to just sit and ride it out. And I still ride in the front row.

If the studio has just two, or three or more rows, there can be the feeling that the front row is reserved for the top of the class. Not true, there is no ranking to the bikes and you can definitely ride the front row on your first class – in fact I encourage it!

When I first started spin I did NOT ride the front row. For me it was because of a lack of confidence, the fear of failure, and a fear that I would be judged poorly because I wasn’t an expert. But in the right studio, with the right community atmosphere, judgement won’t occur. What I wish I didn’t have when I started the lack of confidence or the fear of failure. I mean come on – how could I fail at indoor spinning?! How could I fail at taking 45 minutes for a bit of self care? How could I fail at sweating in the dark? Alas we have the inner thoughts of an American woman trying to exceed at as much as possible.

Flash forward 3 years and I ride the front row and encourage all new riders to do so. If you are coming as my guest for the first class I don’t let you take the easy way out and ride in back. Your tush is right next to me up front! The psychology of the front row is still there, but I encourage you to embrace it and not shy away from it. Feed off the energy of the room and in turn push it back out. That ripple effect makes an impact!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t quite get the choreography quite right or you feel like you can’t sprint as fast as the instructor. And if you are taking my girl Erin’s class you probably aren’t sprinting as fast as her! (XOXO Erin- love you long time.) For me riding the front row means I push that much harder. Just maybe the person behind me needs to modify the same as me, or maybe they need the extra encouragement to turn it up, or maybe they need to know that missing a move in the choreography doesn’t mean you give up.

So if your reason for riding the back row is because you thing you don’t fit into the reserved seats for the top of the class, fuck that! Slide your tush unto the bike next to me and ride the front row!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and please share if you liked it.

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