No one has ever accused me of being a nice person. Now don’t take this the wrong way, I’m quite OK with that. I like swearing too much, I don’t “manage” my facial expressions, and I won’t tell you I like something if I don’t. I’m just too unfiltered.

I’m just not nice. No one starts their description of me as, “Oh-emm-geee, she is sooo nice!” *blink, blink, head-tilt*. My one sentence description of myself would be “She is one funny badass mama!”

My husband’s description of me, “An intelligent, witty, fine piece of ass.” A bit much with that last part, but I would never remove his husband/baby-mama goggles. But, NOT nice.

My friend Jacq’s description of me, “Lauren is a dedicated, fun friend, who I can’t wait to see and can’t live without.” Can’t live without you either lady! (Mind you this was after she asked if this description was for a resume, Instagram, or Tinder) LOL! I’ll keep you posted on what she comes up with for my Tinder description. But, NOT nice.

My friend Michelle’s description of me, “Lauren is a crazy outspoken hot shit.” *raises both hands in air* #touchdown I’m also pretty sure she has started an in person introductions of me like this! *winking kissy-face emoji* But, NOT nice.

Not being a nice person also doesn’t mean I’m an asshole. Karma is a powerful thing and doing nice things, just because, carries weight. It keeps the universe in balance. I think the only thing that would carry more weight would be a truly random act of kindness. Those acts are done completely for the other person. I heard the term Random Awesome Deed or RAD from Commit30 and I really like it.

Yesterday my brother was the recipient of a R.A.D. and it made an impact on us both. He received flowers and a card from a relative stranger. Be that stranger. Make an impact. Do something RAD!

Random Awesome Deed

Tomorrow I will still not be nice but I am definitely going to do something RAD.

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I’m actually reading a hardcover book instead of my Kindle. Lost in a Book, by Jennifer Donnelly


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