All winter long Seeley has been asking me when he can start his garden. He is very specific on what he wants in his garden; strawberries for himself and cucumbers for his brother. Today we finally got our garden started.

Why is this blog worthy? Well, here’s the thing…I do NOT have a green thumb. In fact I would say I have a black thumb. Every plant I have ever tried to keep alive has died. The gardening gene did not pass down from my mom. My mom is a wonderful gardener. She tried setting Seeley up with a tomato and basil garden two years ago. They died…fried to death in the hot sun without water. Like a responsible mother I am going to blame Seeley for their demise. He may have only been 3 years old but they were totally his job.

Last year the dead tomato plants, in the overturned planters, sat next to the kiddie pool we set up for the summer. Taunting me about my failure as a gardener.

It is a new year! A new chance for growth! (pun intended)

The planters have been brought up to the outdoor half of our porch and are ready to go. I bought strawberry plants already started and we are starting cucumber plants from seeds.

I’m behind in planting the cucumbers by a couple weeks but it is still only 55 degrees outside. Hello, spring where are you!?!?

Seeley helped me, but like a typical capricious 5 year old, when I told him (extremely excited) that I had everything to start the garden, he told me he didn’t want a garden. #middlefinger Yes- I flip my children the finger behind their backs- like you never have. Thankfully after I set everything out to start the cucumbers he was back in the game and helped me through each step.

I got dirtier that him, but I gotta admit, garden dirt is pretty clean. Seeley is excited for his garden and I so hope I don’t kill these plants too! #fingerscrossed

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it! Leave a comment if you have any tips for a VERY beginner gardener. Subscribe so you don’t miss the next blog, who knows it could be about how Seeley has grown a Topsfield Fair blue ribbon worthy cucumber.


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