Hmmmm….that would be a great name for a romance novel. I call fives!!!

I wanted to check in on the garden that Seeley and I started in May. As you can see we have great looking cucumber plants! Thank goodness we also have Grams who clearly knows her daughter’s limitations and bought grown cucumber plants from the nursery instead of waiting for the seeds I planted to grow. Because this is the current status of the cucumber seeds I started to grow…

I wouldn’t even give myself an A for effort. Maybe a C+.

Success is that the strawberry plants have not died! #winning 🙌 We have a couple strawberries that are ready to be picked soon too.

Seeley have been doing a great job of watering his garden everyday.

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The book I am currently reading is Banking the Billionaire by Max Monroe. I am loving this writing duo and look forward to reading more from them.


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