We have lots of berries and a couple tiny cucumbers!

I am very proud of Seeley, he has watered his garden everyday! Some days take reminding and other days require an extra watering can from me.

Seeley has been able to enjoy a couple more ripe strawberries and by the looks of it he should be able to enjoy a whole bunch soon!

We did have a harvest snafu and Seeley picked a couple white strawberries along with a ripe one. I filled up a bud vase with water and stuck ’em in- it worked! Well…at least so far. They have started to ripen, so if they don’t grow bigger they will at least get ripe enough to eat.

Our cucumbers have lots of flowers and leaves and a few buds of cucumbers. I don’t think we will have edible fruit until later in the season.

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I just finished listening to The Queen of Traitors : Fallen World Book 2 by Laura ThalassaOh my god! This series is so good! I can’t wait to listen to the next one 🤗


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